ष्टावक्र उवाचः

अज्ञान जिसका शेष, ऐसा धीर इस संसार को,
मात्र माया मान, तत्पर मृत्यु के सत्कार को.-----११

इच्छा रहित मन मोक्ष में भी, महि महिम महिमा महे,
उस आत्म ज्ञानी से तृप्त जन की, साम्यता किससे अहे.----१२

धीर ज्ञानी जानता है, जगत छल है प्रपंच है,
ग्रहण त्याग से मन परात्पर, न रमे कहीं रंच है.-----१३

वासना के कषाय कल्मष, जिसने अंतस से तजे,
निर्द्वंद दैविक सुख या दुःख, पर शान्ति अंतस में सजे.-----१४

[काव्यानुवादः डॉ. मृदुल कीर्ति]


Ashtavakra said:

Seeing this world as pure illusion, and devoid of any interest in it, how
should the strong-minded person, feel fear, even at the
approach of death? 3.11

Who can be compared to the great-souled person whose mind is free from
desire even in disappointment, and who has found satisfaction
in self-knowledge? 3.12

How should a strong-minded person who knows that what he sees is by
its very nature nothing, consider one thing to be grasped and
another to be rejected? 3.13

An object of enjoyment that comes of itself is neither painful nor
pleasurable for someone who has eliminated attachment, and who is free
from dualism and from desire. 3.14

[Translation by John Richards]